Guided Shamanic Spirit Journeys

Guided Shamanic

Spirit Journeys

My role as Shaman is to walk between the worlds, weaving in and out of dimensions and realities to transform energy. I use the drum beat as a tether to hold me and ground me as I am working to bring alignment to the earth and to the individual.

My spirit journeys are highly visual but I bring all of my senses with me when I step outside of this reality. During the Guided Shamanic Journeys I will translate and relay everything I am experiencing as it happens so that you are able to experience it with me.

Guided Shamanic Spirit Journey – Stepping into the new world with an open heart

We will be activating healing for the collective consciousness, the Earth, and our selves. With our open hearts we focus and pull the energy into the earth and connect with each other. In this way we are able to shatter the remnants of the old world and become the builders of the new world.

As we embody our divinity the full potency of creation energy running through us, the realisation dawning on us that we are the creators of this dimension. Our heart beat meets the heart beat of the Earth and we bring our selves into alignment with the universe to move into a new decade fully activated and aware.

Guided Shamanic Spirit Journey – For The Star Beings and Earth Children

We journey on behalf of the Star Children that have come to Earth incarnated in a body. We offer them love and support to overcome the struggles and difficulties they will face in this reality. We are among those Star Children we seek support for at this time.

Guided Shamanic Spirit Journey – Call to Awaken all Light Warriors

A call to arms for all light warriors. An activation so we may be of service to the higher mission. We are sending the call out to our brothers and sisters so they may awaken. They have been dormant like sleeper cells.

Guided Shamanic Spirit Journey – Dispelling Illusions to Walk in our Truth

We will be activating healing for the collective consciousness, the earth, and our selves. With our focused intention we will be dispelling the illusions that have fallen upon us. As we break free we are able to stand fully in our truth. Seeing ourselves and each other for the first time as fully aware human beings activated and united with the divine flow of the Universe.

Guided Shamanic Spirit Journey – The Fae Folk Transmute EMF

I journey on the behalf of the collective with the intention to transmute the energy grids of electromagnetic fields and artificial energy into organic energy that is in harmony with our body and our soul. That we may also remain in our higher frequency where ever we go, that our higher frequency will transmute any negative thought forms any interfering frequencies any artificial frequencies, that will be transmuted into organic around us and around our field at all times.

Guided Shamanic Spirit Journey – Sacred Tribe Lighting our Paths of Evolution

See as I see. I Journey to bring us into alignment with the energy shifts the earth is experiencing. This is a guided journey, you walk with me following the footsteps I place on the earth as we step beyond the veil and light up our paths of evolution.

Guided Shamanic Spirit Journey – Black Summer, healing after fire

Our intention for this Journey is to perform a mass soul retrieval for the animals lost in the Black Summer fires in Australia. The distorted residual fear energy that is seeping into the ground will be transmuted into its pure state of LOVE so the energy may be released and the little ones may go home in peace.

Guided Shamanic Spirit Journey – Ancestral Healing for Ourselves and the Collective

We carry within us the past traumas of our ancestors deep in our bones, like sediment it builds and weighs us down. Causing distortion and misalignment with the natural flow of the universe. Clearing ancestral wounds from our bodies allows us to receive the wisdom and deep earth connected knowledge without carrying the pain that causes corrosion. We will be the last generation to carry the old cycles of distortion in our energy field. There is simply no more ability to carry old timelines as we move forward into the evolved versions of ourselves. I lead you into this journey for Ancestral Healing for ourselves and for the collective.

Guided Shamanic Spirit Journey – Money is a currency of Energy

Together we enter the control system to shatter the illusions that hold us down. Drawing back our power and re aligning our beliefs to understand that money is a currency of energy. As healers, creatives, entrepreneurs, artists, visionaries, compassionate and balanced human beings we will build a beautiful new world as we allow ourselves to recognise that money is a currency of energy.

Guided Shamanic Spirit Journey – Shenandoah, Beautiful Daughter of the Stars

A succession of stones from sacred sites have come to me. One is from Ireland from the Shenandoah River. Shenandoah means, beautiful daughter of the stars. I journey on behalf of the collective, walk with me, see as I see, feel as I feel and together we heal, for the earth, for the collective consciousness and for ourselves.

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Illuminate your consciousness

Deep clearing to let the light from your divine soul filter into your body and mind

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Anchor ancient wisdom

Drawing ancient wisdom into the Earth and anchoring it for yourself. Re awakening the dormant DNA coded into your cells

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Connect with Star beings

Connect with and learn from your soul tribe, light beings and star nations

Not all those who wander are lost.


About Kilandril

Kilandril’s role as Shaman is to walk between the worlds, weaving in and out of dimensions and realities to transform distorted energy. Using the beat of the drum as a tether to hold and ground her as she working to bring alignment to the Earth and to the individual.